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Racks and carts

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Jalema racks are available in different styles for work-in-progress and archive applications. The Jalema Racks and carts are more space efficient when compared to a flat file cabinet, because they use horizontal vertical space.

When the job is active, simply hang the Jalema hanging file on a wall rack, 8" wall unit, table arm or mobile cart for easy accessibility.

When the job is completed and ready to be archived, you can hang the file in a Jalema high-density rack for the ultimate in space efficiency. Jalema brackets and custom cut bars allow you to retrofit the bar assembly into existing cabinets, racks, carts and other structures as well. ‚Äč

This combination of hardware options makes JalemaHanging file systems the most flexible and space efficient system available for large format storage.

Metro Cart

The Metro Cart econo version utilizes industry standard wire style shelving for use with Jalema products. Jalema bars are installed into the cart for a more rugged yet clean look. Custom sizes and larger wheels are available. Bar assemblies can also be ordered for existing cart/racks.

The Jalema Uni Racks and Duo Profiles (t-bars) provide safe, flexible storage in various size combinations. Job files, Repro files, (except for the largest sizes) and the Design File can be suspended together in the same rack. Files of a smaller size are suspended in the upper section of the racks and the larger files are suspended in the lower sections of the rack. Expansion is simple through the addition of extension rack units attached to either end of existing rack units. Uni Racks are supplied as complete kits with simple, easy to follow assembly instructions: one tool (also included) does the job. Jalema offers two types of Uni Racks: one rack of 15 3/4" depth which is suited for files up to and including 18 7/8" x 22 1/2" and one rack of 21 5/8" depth for the files up to and including 25 1/4" x 31 1/2". Duo Profiles (t bars) are the special bars on which the files are hung via the Jalema suspension hook. The Duo Profiles sets are supplied with complete assembly materials. Duo Profiles are also sold by the meter (sold in multiple of meters only) and can be cut in any length, up to 5 meters. The Offset racks have been the archival unit of choice for storing large format materials. The Offset racks include one profile bar for file storage with a maximum load of 550 pounds. Now the design of the Offset rack is optimized to allow for a two level archive unit (9 foot ceiling clearance required). The top unit of the Offset rack can be added to a bottom unit as an extension option.. While the basic Offset rack still functions perfectly as a stand alone unit, you can easily add the top rack which comes complete with a simple connector set. Together, the double Offset Rack allows for double the storage in the same floor space. Jalema's line of Carts offer the versatility to keep critical materials effectively organized while making them accessible anywhere in the production cycle. Wire Carts combine ergonomic design with functionality. Wire carts can also be designed and ordered in custom sizes that fit the need of the individual customer.