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Vinyl envelopes

Partnumber: 6002-E
Partnumber: 6010-E
Partnumber: 6000-E
Partnumber: 6008-E
Jalema’s Vinyl envelopes stand the test of real production settings. Filing everything from paper steel screens, the Jalema Vinly Envelopes "hang tough" for years. Each Vinyl envelope is individually suspended by two removable hooks attached to a steel bar. Clear vinyl shows the contents of each job or an entire row of jobs without opening the envelope. To access materials, simply open the front facing flap secured by Velcro tabs. Each comes with two hooks and support rod for hanging on racks if needed. The Vinyl envelopes are available in 4 common sizes, especially designed for the printing industry. The Jalema Vinyl envelopes are constructed of thick 8 gauge crystal clear vinyl with a front facing flap secured in a close position with two velcro tabs. The Vinyl envelopes ship complete with a suspension bar and hooks for hanging on a rack or a cart.