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Job files

Partnumber: 5237200
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Job files were specially developed to prevent damage, like dust, creases, folds and scratches. Constructed of 230gm White Kraft Cardboard, these file folders feature both a normal pocket and second pocket with a dust flap. In this way, you can keep your films dust-free and separate from other working materials while filing them as a single project in a single file. The Job File formats are tailored to the most common printing press formats. UltraViolet light is damaging to the photopolymer material in the modern flexographic printing plates. The Job files provide protections by placing the plates under the dust flap and holding the UV rays away from the plates. The job files second pocket is perfect for holding other job related materials. The job file's 230 gram White kraftboard is durable and will last many years, protecting the job files contents for continuous repeats of the jobs. The job files will also help to organize the job materials, while keeping only the most current revisions in the file and in hand during the job process. The largest format job files come with a single pocket protected by a dust flap. Flexo plate storage has never been easier than with the Jalema Job files.