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Hanging files

Jalema oversized hanging files are great for storing film, storing flexo plates, storing artwork, storing flexible dies and other large material. Oversized hanging files are ideal for film storage, flexo plate storage, art storage, dies storage, etc. Flexo plate storage has never been easier and more economical than using the Jalema Hanging file concept. Hanging files are available in two styles - Job files and Repro Files..

Job files (2 pockets) are hanging files that were specially developed to prevent damage, like dust, creases, folds and scratches. These hanging file folders feature both a normal pocket and second pocket with a dust flap. In this way, you can keep your films dust-free and separate from other working materials while filing them as a single project in a single file. UV sensitive materials will be shielded from harmful UV rays in the closed pocket portion of the hanging file. Other pertinent job documents and samples are stored in the open, second pocket of hanging file. The formats are tailored to the most common printing press formats.‚Äč

Repro-Files are a sturdier, stronger version of the Job-files hanging file folders. They are constructed of heavier cardboard (335-gram pressboard). Like the Job-files, the Repro-files incorporate a two-pocket design, with a dust flap protecting one pocket. Designed specifically for more rigorous filing demands or as a reusable job jacket.

Design files, Screenprint files and Collective files are open hanging files.

Use Jalema's racks and carts to hang your files almost anywhere.

Large files hang on special T-bars that can be installed into Jalema hardware or other cabinets and structures.