Graphic Arts Filing From Jalema

Large format hanging files, vinyl envelopes, job jackets and plate filing systems! 

Jalema Graphic Arts Filing Systems

Jalema Grafi-System
Jalema offers the Grafi-System for storing film, flexo plates, artwork, samples, proofs and other graphic arts material. This art storage system includes a variety of hanging files, wall racks, floor racks and mobile carts are available for the ultimate graphic arts filing solution. This is ideal for flexo plate storage and film filing system. Oversized files come in sizes up to 34"x43". These large files have 2 pockets and a dust flap. Jalema large envelopes are made of a heavy pH neutral archival cardboard material and are great for art storage and film filing. Job-files are used for everyday film and plate filing. Heavier Repro-Files are used for flexo plate filing where several flexo plates can be filed in a single file. Flexo plate storage and art storage has never been easier and more economical. Jalema flexo plate filing systems help protect flexo plates from sirt, dust and UV light.


Jalema Eco-Friendly Green Office Supplies

Re-Solution Desktop Accessories are made of 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. Desk drawers, magazine files, letter trays, book ends and memo cubes are available in 3 colors.
Forever-Green Desktop Accessories are made of 100% biodegradable and compostable organic material and have no negative effect on the environment. Magazine racks, memo cubes, letter trays and book ends are available in natural brown color.

Jalema Office Filing
Jalema also offers a filing solution for the office for filing customer files and other office documents. Hanging files fit on special Jalema T-bars which can be installed into Jalema racks, cabinets or other structures.


Jalema Grip
The Jalema Grip display rail allows you to display large drawings and prints in offices.


Railex Filing Systems
Railex hanging files for art storage, storing film, flexo plate storage, storing proofs, storing samples and storing large documents. Wallet folders with expansion for filing thicker material. Black plastic Pro-Files are ideal for filing flexo plates and protect the flexo plates from harmful UV light.  This graphic arts filing solution is ideal for flexo plate storage and film filing applications.
Vinyl Envelopes
Hanging large vinyl envelopes with Velcro tabs to hold material secure. Can hang on rails or be used as job jackets. These hanging large vinyl envelopes are ideal for filing printed circuit board material and where a clear vinyl file is required. Art storage in these large vinyl envelopes is easy since you can see the contents of the file.

Job Jackets
Large Job Jackets made of a vinyl material are available in several sizes for work-in-progress. Oversized plastic job jackets are ideal for prints, samples, and work orders in prepress departments. It can also be used for art storage and management.


Plate Filing Systems
Mobile carts and plate racks for transporting and storing metal plates. Filing plates and storing plates are easy with Jalema plate filing systems. Jalema plate storage systems help manage, protect, transport and store printing plates.


Jumbo Kraft Envelopes
Stor-A-Job Envelopes come in different sizes for protecting material in flat file cabinets. These large envelopes are made of a strong 40lb. Kraft material. Oversized envelopes come in sizes up to 49"x37" and are ideal for art storage applications and film filing as well.

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